School Curriculum 24 Nov, 2021 | Wednesday

Preparing for TERM 2

With the introduction of the new Two Term pattern in the CBSE Board, everyone from students to content creators is skeptical to see how everything goes in term 1 paper which is ongoing now. As term 1 is about to start in a few days, now…we might get the exact idea of how MCQs will be portrait in the paper along with the answering style.


Student and Change - It's Constant

Only Change is constant.
Lord Krishna said to Arjuna during the War of Mahabharata

Finally, Competence is Over Gender in India

This Wednesday, India caught all the eyes on it, by "THE BIG MOVE" that has been made that women are now inducted as permanent commission in  CONTINUE READING

Missing Good Old Hindi and Why it's Important

It is reasonable up to a certain point to acknowledge the fact that with 200 years of Slavery by foreign invaders, CONTINUE READING