Engage, Excel & Achieve with Arihant

Work Culture

We at Arihant always build an environment in which individuals can enhance their own skills and can add new dimension to their professional careers.
We provide a competitive salary and benefits package. We firmly believe that professional committment and growth comes from within. Ownership,
freedom of thoughts, experiments and fun in whatever you do lives at the core of Arihant.

Recruitment Process

Applying to Arihant? Here’s what to expect...

We value and respect our employees’ individuality – and you’ll see that reflected throughout the recruitment process. We want to get to
know you on both a personal and a professional level. And you’ll get to know us, first through your HR and hiring manager, and then on a larger scale.

Get to know us better

Do a little digging to make sure Arihant is the right fit for you. Read about business goals, products, and people. And check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Ideal candidates

We want people who think big and dream big. People who are dynamic and full of integrity. We want people who are collaborative, creative, and fun.

Apply From Anywhere

Apply online from your desktop or mobile device.

Apply Often

Apply for any and all positions that fit your skills and are aligned to your overall career goals.

Be Prepared

Be fully prepared with your cover letter and resume – and ensure your contact details are up to date.

Assess Your Skills

Some positions require pre-assessment tests to make sure your skills match the role requirements.

Pre-screening calls

If there’s a match, our HR will call you about the opportunity. Then they’ll review your application with the hiring manager and tell you about next steps.


Depending on the position, you might need to take a few pre-assessment tests to make sure your skills and experience are a good match with role requirements.

Hiring manager interviews

Your interview with the hiring manager will be in-person or via phone. He or she will assess all candidates. We’ll let you know as soon as a decision has been made.

Welcome to Arihant

If you received an offer, congrats! Welcome to Arihant. Your HR will work with you on all the details. Have any questions? Please feel free to ask.

Persistence pays off

If at first you don't succeed – try again! Many of our candidates are reconsidered for other opportunities at Arihant. Stay positive, and keep applying.



Our team will get in touch with you shortly!