All In One Series – Every Toppers’ First Choice!

May 20, 2023 | Saturday

With the start of the new academic session, New Class & New Books along with pumped-up speeches from teachers must have given you an adrenalin rush to work hard and achieve your decided goals.

But as time passes by, the JOSH does not stay high for a long time and procrastination takes over your mind. And…at the end, all you can think of is just to pass the exam and move.

But My dear friends, Preparation is not just a one-day game, rather it is to make constant efforts of understanding, practicing, and assessing things on a regular interval.

As a famous American Football coach Joe Gibbs says, “A winning effort begins with preparation.”

So, in this new academic session, make new but effective changes in your study routine with Arihant’s All in One Series for CBSE Boards. The 2023-24 editions are designed on the 3 pillars of Complete Study, Complete Practice and Complete Assessment. 

You will find that the books in this series have been made in such a way that students will be fully guided to prepare for the exam in the most effective manner. The material is presented in a Clear & Concise manner and there are good number of questions for you to practice.

But, what makes this series the Most preferred for every teacher and student since its first edition?? Here we have listed 7 big reasons to get this series.
1. SIMPLIFIED THEORIES :- Study Guides deliver the information to you in an organized manner, which helps you not only to focus better on the concepts but also manage what you are learning and your learning time.The All in one series help students to dig a little deeper into the concepts and understand the terms better. Every chapter of this series is provided with Complete, easy-to-understand and simplified theories covering the latest syllabus.

 2. TOPICAL EXERCISES/CHECKPOINTS :- To make students understand the chapter really well, Topical Exercises or checkpoints have been provided in between the chapters. These in-text exercises help students to assess what they are learning. These in-between questionnaires also help students to access the understanding of the related concept at regular intervals.
3. EXAM PRACTICE QUESTIONS/ CHAPTER EXERCISES :- Be absolutely prepared for the examination with Exam Practice Questions. Each chapter is provided with an exercise containing exam pattern questions. These exercises cover all types of questions like MCQs, Case-based questions, Reasoning & Assertions, VSA, SA & LA-type questions. All these questions are fully explained helping students to understand how to write the answers to get full marks in the exam.

4. CHAPTER ASSESSMENT:- Along with fully solved exam pattern questions, this series is also equipped with unsolved questions under the name Chapter Assessment to help you check your level of preparation. In addition to it, all these exercises help students to assess their understanding of the chapter.
5. SAMPLE QUESTION PAPERS :- To get a real feel of the examination, This All In One series has sample question papers that are exactly prepared on the latest syllabus and pattern of examination.
6. NCERT COVERAGE :- When it comes to excelling in the CBSE, NCERT is the key. Hence, it becomes really important for every student & teacher to prepare for the syllabus as per the NCERT Curriculum. So, looking at its importance, this series provides NCERT Folder after each chapter, which contains solutions to all the NCERT Textbook Questions. Moreover, these guides are also provided with selected questions from NCERT & NCERT Exemplar to understand the question pattern that is likely to be asked in the upcoming exam.
7. BOARD EXAMS QUESTIONS :- Believe it or not, Sample Papers have long been the most coveted study material for students. Anyone who has performed well in the board exams always hails previous years’ exams Question as the Ultimate Prep Tool.

Solving Board Exams Questions while studying the chapter, help students to get the insight into question as well as the answering pattern. For this purpose, the All in One series provides the selected questions in each chapter from the last 5 years' board exams up to 2023.

At Arihant, we have always believed, that there is no shortcut to success. To ace your exam, you will have to burn the midnight oil, but we assure you that we are ready to be the fuel to Your Fire, with all new “All – in – One” series, preferred by students and teachers across India, give this Bestselling series a chance to win,

This Board Exam Battle for You.