The Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis

April 07, 2022 | Thursday
Are we able to reimagine a world –
  • Where clean Air, Water and Food are available to all?
  • Where economies are focused on health and well-being?
  • Where cities are livable and planet have control over their health and the health of the planet?
These 3 Questions are not mere topics of debate on various platforms to secure applause but a haunting interrogation to many Organisations who claim well-being protection of the planet…
Here’s what environmental statistics reveal:
  • More than 13 million deaths around the world, each is due to avoidable environmental causes
  • Rising temperatures and foods due to climate change will put 2 billion people at risk of dengue
  • Environmental factor including climate change claim 13 million lives every year
  • Lack of safe drinking water causing 8,29,000 people to die from diarrhea
As Maria Neira say and I quote “The Climate crisis is a health crisis”. It is time that we take more responsibility for how our actions exacerbate human health and environment.

On World Health Day 2022, WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) is hoping global attention to take urgent actions to keep humans and the planet healthy through “Our Planet, Our Health” campaign. It also brings the attention on how our political, social and commercial decision are driving the climate & Health crisis.

Planet’s health is not just an effort to be made by the government, it’s an individual responsibility as well.

If we look at it both in terms of Science and Spirituality, we are making of this planet from a billion years’ of evolution, so it would be illogical and foolish to think that a disastrous and dying planet will not have any effect on us
Whatever we breathe, drink, eat that all comes from the planet, so healthier our planet, healthier we are…

So, what actions can be taken as an Individual that inspire others??
  • Raise your voice and demand climate actions to protect your health. 
  • Walk or pedal to work at least one day a week. Choose public transport.
  • Change to a renewable energy provider; don’t heat your rooms over 21.5C; turn off the light when not in the room.
  • Buy your fresh groceries from local producers and avoid highly processed foods and beverages. 
  • Tobacco is a killer and a polluter. Stop consuming tobacco.
  • Buy less plastic; use recyclable grocery bags.
At the time, the situation may not seem as dangerous as it actually is, but soon we will be facing it and then we won’t have time to reverse it back. As we celebrate, World Health Day today, we need to understand that We Only have ONE planet. As much as we need it… it also NEEDS us. I would say Saving would be the first step towards our planet that is deteriorating at an alarmin rate… but Caring is a life long process to maintain its richness that should be enjoyed not only by us, but our coming generation too…

Remember we have just one planet, Do Whatever it takes to save this humble abode!
Thank You