Preparing for TERM 2

November 24, 2021 | Wednesday
With the introduction of the new Two Term pattern in the CBSE Board, everyone from students to content creators is skeptical to see how everything goes in term 1 paper which is ongoing now. As term 1 is about to start in a few days, now…we might get the exact idea of how MCQs will be portrait in the paper along with the answering style.

But my friend if you think Term 1 is all that you need to prepare??? Wait… Picture abhi baaki hai Mere Dost!! Your Term 2 will be approaching even faster than you think; early preparation for the term 2 exam will be the key to success.

Let’s see the important points you need to keep in mind;

1. Know your Syllabus  
As per the CBSE Special Scheme of Assessment from Class 9th to 12th, the academic Session 2021-22 has been approximately divided into 50% of the entire syllabus in Term 2. So, it is very necessary for you to understand what chapters are being included in your academic subjects.Also, the pattern of the paper derives the right efforts towards your preparation.
Well, this task of yours has been completed by the Arihant’s CBSE Term II 2022 Series, listing & explaining only the second half of the prescribed syllabus.

2. Kick Start with NCERT Syllabus 
Even Subject experts, toppers, teachers say that the mantra to get through CBSE Board nicely is to Mug up the NCERT Syllabus. Students must prepare the NCERT Syllabus in-depth. As you know term 2 will be the subjective type of paper you must NCERT line by line.
The CBSE Term 2 2022 series has a 360-degree approach for Class 10 & 12 Aspirants; it gives the complete coverage of NCERT Questions for quick revision concepts.

3. Practice, Practice, and Practice 
What you are experiencing right now is the utter confusion between the two terms Pattern and its preparation. But the good point of TERM 2 is its Subjective nature; where you have more scope of scoring.As the new pattern is completely unpredictable, you have to read all the topics from every chapter.
So, it would be best if you have a robust practice, the TERM 2 series carries all the types of questions from Chapterwise exercises to 3 practice sets based entirely on the Term 2 Syllabus.

4. Know your analytical knowledge 
As TERM 2 demands a subjective approach, students here have the greater opportunity to creatively and tactfully present their answers in front of examinations. It is always suggested that write your answers to the point in bullets with proper keywords and catchy phrases, which shows that you have complete concept clarity towards your topic or chapter.
With the Explanations provided for every question, the Arihant Term 2 series, clearly defines the answering styles against every type of different question.

5. Chances of Objective Exam 
As per 5th July CBSE Circular, if a Pandemic arises then TERM II exams will be 90 minutes MCQ exams through online mode. So, to cover both the possibilities Arihant has given both MCQs – Cased Based and Assertion based MCQs and Subjective Questions in each chapter by the name of Chapter Test.

Observing the present scenario, it is almost destined that TERM 2 will be conducted in a Physical Form.  So, it contains a higher weightage than Term I, which is why it becomes even more important to start your preparation early leaving no stones unturned for the exams.

So, start preparing now for Term 2 with Arihant’s Term 2 books.


Best Wishes…