Student and Change - It's Constant

October 12, 2021 | Tuesday

Only Change is constant.” Lord Krishna said to Arjuna during the War of Mahabharata

This is So True, working as a Creative Content Writer at Arihant for Two and Half Years I have seen Changes happening which affect Students deeply. It keeps happening and it is challenging for Students some make sense some not at first. I have wondered, got surprised and amused as well and asked myself is it required?

Just Days ago, I have witnessed two big changes happening, first CBSE Changed its entire Examination Pattern for Board Students this year, this change is born out of the current dynamic pandemic situation. Now Every Class 10th and 12th Student must appear for Two Terms Examination, Term-1 will be happening in November – December and Term -2 will take Place in March, The Only relief is that Syllabus has been reduced and has been divided into equal parts. Now once you are done through Term 1, you don’t need to worry about the same syllabus in Term-2.

While Term 1 will be Online either from your home or centers at your School depending upon the situation of pandemic, Term -2 is currently projected to be held at School. While Term-1 is a 90 Minutes Online MCQ only Examination, Term-2 will consist of case-based, situation-based, open-ended, Short Answers and Long Answers. But if the situation is not conducive for Term 2 to happen at School this exam will also happen only in form of MCQs of 90 Minutes.

Internal Assessment is more important than ever it will be maintained digitally and going to be vital in Moderation Policy if both exams happen Online from Home. 
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For more details, you can refer to our CBSE Circular Video here: 
Now only if it was enough for me, arranging and writing creative ways for students to grasp this big change. Suddenly, I woke up to the news of the New NEET Pattern, as usual, the question was why? Why a student needs to go through such changes so I asked one of our Authors and researched and found that it is happening again because of pandemic while your syllabus has been reduced for Class 12th so they also change the pattern now instead of 180 Questions, you will be getting 200 Questions from Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology instead of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. New Pattern Contains 50 Questions from Each Subject and Each Subject has two Sections; Section A Contains 35 Questions in each subject and these questions are mandatory. Wherein Section B Contains 15 Questions out of which you can do any 10 that means 5 Questions are optional from Section B from Each subject and that has been decided basis the rationalized and reduced syllabus. 4 Marks for Correct Answer and -1 for every wrong Answer.

What I understood by talking to some of the Mentors is that Students need to be Alert, without trying anything out of the way. Well, I am not the Authority so here is a video explaining everything you need to know regarding NEET Changes:
 All About NEET 2021-22 - New Changed Pattern 

For all of us be a Writer like me, Students like you or Parents or Any Working-Class, Change is difficult but if we don’t adapt, there is a mere chance that we will able to Survive, How it would be if we still live like Ice Age or Paleolithic Age. Ohh Shoot! there will be no iPhone or Pizza or Insta. Change is eminent, we need to get out of our comfort zones to make it happen, to Win, to Succeed. We may not reconcile always but someone wiser once said “Change is for Good.” I have seen struggles at work for making a better Book for Students from our colleague and hope brought some of the best-selling series for NEET Prep be it Big Book Series, or Master the NCERT,Objective Series and More

Wishing You All the Very Best for Adopting Changes. For me personally, these struggles and changes bring better content and New Book with New Hope for Students, that's enough for me to keep adopting the changes.
Count your reasons before resisting the change.