How To Prepare For CAPF Interview?

June 08, 2023 | Thursday
The word “INTERVIEW” may sound like the easiest part of the exam process, but it isn’t. Rather, it is a very crucial part that allows examiners to assess candidates beyond their written exam performance.

To define an Interview in basic terms, it is a conservation between the examiner and candidates to have a deep analysis of their knowledge, skills, and overall personality. You might be wondering why is it also included in the selection procedure for various competitive exams. Well, it serves multiple purposes.

You must have figured it out by now that on 6th August 2023 UPSC will be conducting Assistant Commandant Exam to recruit 322 candidates in several forces under CAPF. The process mainly includes 3 stages, namely, Written Exam which is followed by Medical Test, and then a Personality/ Interview Round.


The interview round which is also recognized as the Personality Test, is conducted in the CAPF (AC) Exam for the below-mentioned roles it serves.
  1. Allow the examiner to evaluate the candidate beyond what can be measured by the written exam alone such as delving deeper into the candidate’s thought process, analytical skills, etc.
  2. Examine communication and interpersonal skills. It is important in CAPF because it helps to gauge the candidate’s ability to articulate their thoughts, express their ideas clearly, and engage in meaningful discussion.
  3. Get insight into a candidate’s confidence, attitude, and adaptability.
  4. Examine decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities.
  5. And lastly, Assess overall suitability for a career in the Central Armed Police Forces.
  1. Prepare your Detailed Application Form (DAF) thoroughly as it contains all the information about your education, hobbies, native, etc. Therefore, you must know every word of the DAF from in and out. Also, stay well-versed with the projects and the role you did at the time of graduation. Questions may be asked if you have done any internship.
  2. No matter what degree you received, don’t forget to brush up on your basic knowledge about your industry, your projects, and so on.
  3. Keep yourself up to date about current happenings around the globe. At least major happenings for the last year. Also, read the editorial section to know people’s opinions on a current issue.
  4. Prepare Internal Security Scenario (challenges/solutions)
  5. Be prepared to give a response to general questions such as What if you do not get selected? Why do you want to join CAPF? And so on.
  6. Know in detail about the Logo, motto, and responsibilities of the Forces
  7. Be patient as the panel might ask tricky questions to check your temperament. So, just maintain composure and think out of the box.
  8. And lastly, Dress up accordingly. Because your attire is the foremost element to impress the panel
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