May 21, 2022 | Saturday
Remember that straight A Student of your class? Always in GOOD in Studies, assignments, projects, Assignment and Test and if he/she is good in other co-curricular activities then… it’s a cherry on the top.

And you all will be agreeing to me that we all have always wanted to be like them.

Yes or No?

But what’s stopping us to be like a Straight ‘A’ student??

Are we lethargic? Absolutely Not! Instead, we are even better than that nerdy body of a class. Mugging up the entire syllabus just a night before the exam! God! That are some real super powers!! Rather we are way better than topper…

I know what’s the problem?
  • Eluding Attitude
  • Not willing to do
  • No practice
  • Loving the Spoon feeding
What else could be? Tell me…

Well, there’s a popular saying in hindi…

??? ??? ?????? ?? ????? ??? ??????
???? ??? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???????

It means the more you practice, the more expertise you gain…

A strong academic record can open doors for you down the road.

More importantly, through the process of becoming a straight-A student, you’ll learn values like hard work, discipline and determination.

These values will serve you well, long after you take your last exam.

We’re ready to find out how to become a straight-A student. Read on to discover many study tips and much more!
  1. KNOW YOUR EXAM PATTERN: Before sitting for any examination, it is very important to know the pattern of that paper or subject. Knowing the pattern helps you evaluate the types of questions, Question weightage, Marking Schemes, Paper Attempting Techniques and the art of preparation of the subject or paper.
  1. FOCUS ON BOTH STRENGTH & WEAKNESS: You might be preparing very hard for a particular subject, but to evaluate that your preparation is going in the right direction, it is very important to focus on strength and weaknesses. Where Strength gives you confidence and weakness help you find out loop holes in your preparations. These terms help you to pay more attention. Working on the weaknesses will help improve better.
  1. USE NOTES AND FLASHCARDS: You might be having smartphones but why is your studying strategies are of 1870s? Try to make notes while reading the chapter. Make sure your notes must be hand written as it has 2 benefits; it keeps up your writing practice and understand chapter even better. Notes and Flashcards helps you remember the important terms & definition and helps in last minute revision of the entire concepts concisely
           NOTE: Making notes just the night before the exam, won’t be beneficial.
  1. TUTOR OTHER TO CLEAR YOUR CONCEPT: The best way of learning is ‘teaching’. Yes! If you want to understand something… explain what you’ve learnt to others. They can be your parents, siblings, friends even your seat partner. Teach them as if you are teaching to an 8-year-old. This will clear your doubts, build your foundation and give you long lasting memorization.
  1. CREATE A TIMETABLE: To learn the virtue of the discipline, make a Timetable. You get to allocate your time in different activities in a different manner. Make sure you make the time table throughout the academic year not just a couple of days before the exams.
  1. CLEAR YOUR DOUBTS LONG BEFORE EXAMS: We do understand as days come closer to exams…. Even the silliest doubts seem to be a big milestone to climb. Right?? But why to give any chance to the smallest doubt to settle when you have great teachers. Clear even your tiniest doubt before hand so that at the time of the revision… you get to concentrate only on your studies and not on doubts.
  1. SOLVE PAST YEARS’ EXAM PAPERS: Want to know what are important questions that are consecutively coming since last 5 years’?? Solution is Solve Past Years’ Exam Papers. It gives you complete strategy of preparation and style of answering the questions and handle the difficult questions. Previous Years’ papers helps to remember the answers even if question gets twisted in the exams.
  1. MAKE A LIST OF FORMULAS: It’s not easy to learn all the formulas and theorems at the same time. But when the questions asked formulas solve almost 50% of your problem. So, Make a list of formulas that your need to by heart… stick on the wall, so that you get to see every time when you open you eyes in the morning and before you go to sleep.
  1. USE ONLINE STUDY MATERIAL IF NEEDED: Make the most of technology by looking for extra study materials. But you have to keep two things in mind. Firstly, give more importance to your textbooks and, secondly, only choose reliable online study materials. Don’t overburden yourself with different sources.
As you implement these strategies, you’ll become more disciplined, organised, responsible, and self-motivated. These traits are vital for long-term success.

So, start building the foundations of school success and more – one day at a time, one habit at a time, and one rule at a time.